Everybody knows about the importance of air humidification, as people’s health, durability of domestic appliances, musical instruments, electrical engineering and manufacturing equipment depend on it. A certain level of humidity is also important in some technological processes in polygraphy, food industry etc.

Buhler-AHS is the manufacturer of new adiabatic air humidification systems. These systems are modern and are of a very wide range of applications, both in living, business and industrial areas.


Central module M12UV

The main advantages of Buhler-AHS system

  • It may be installed on finished objects
  • It doesn’t need manually refilling with water
  • It doesn’t create white scurf
  • Miniature nozzles
  • Leakage control
  • Energy saving


Short description of Buhler-AHS systems

Our company’s equipment doesn’t need any difficult mounting works, it is easily specialized for operating conditions and client’s needs.

It is based on some modern achievements in the field of hydraulic systems, and also in purification and water disinfection systems. Used technological schemes, lack of heating elements and complex electric components provide maximum economy, reliability and also decrease costs of regular maintenance a lot.

Advantages over systems of other types

  • It is possible to maintain needed humidity in each room.
  • Creation of microflora is impossible, as, firstly, supplied water is sterile, and secondly, microorganisms can’t multiply because of direct moisture supply into the room.
  • Due to water demineralization microdrops don’t create dust out of dissolved salts after drying.
  • Because of high pressure the water drops are very small - on the average 15 micron. This makes it possible for them to be absorbed by air during short time without creating any moisture on the covers.
  • Due to high pressure dynamics of additional ventilators isn’t needed. System operation is very silent.
  • Tube of small diameter goes to each nozzle which makes it possible to install them into already finished rooms.
  • Fully automatic operation.
  • System functioning doesn’t depend on ventilation operation.
  • Low energy costs and low operating costs.


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