About Buhler-AHS

Buhler-AHS was established in 2007 on the foundation of an engineering company focused on manufacturing of agricultural equipment. The new brand was created in line with the company's goal of broadening its range of activities to the field of comfort and to begin designing and manufacturing a model range of adiabatic air humidification systems for use in living and business areas.

Broad experience in creating complex mechanical and hydraulic devices and different materials allows us to be sure that the product quality is high. The company is always carrying out works and tests focused on improving the reliability of separate system units and finding new ways to increase capacity and quality of the manufactured products.


Our own assembly plants ensure the compliance of all products to stated requirements and allow us to control the quality of final system assembly. All manufactured system components are thoroughly tested and certified to meet standards of safety, ecological compatibility and quality.

The company's staff comprises highly qualified specialists and is continuously expanding. Convenient and reliable schemes of connection and commissioning of new humidification systems are developed. We are also constantly training specialists from our partner companies.

The development of humidification systems in our company is focused on making installation and further maintenance as easy and fast as possible. We created an original scheme of concealed spray-nozzle installation, which does not damage the interior of the premises and makes it possible to achieve maximum efficiency at the lowest cost, and the integrated high-performance pre-purification system ensures reliable operation in areas with unpurified hard water supply. All systems are equipped with a reliable mechanism that protects them from leakages.

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